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A Forthright Q&A With Subway CMO Tony Pace

Barry Janoff sat down with Subway CMO Tony Pace in one of the chain's eateries in midtown Manhattan for a freewheeling and entertaining Q&A ranging from the behind-the-scenes skinny on Subway's support of Michael Phelps when other marketers were quick to drop him for being photographed with a bong to why Subway does not ID its athlete endorsers in its commercials.

Pace also reveals how New York Jets fans (and a homeless guy) reacted to Jared Fogle even as Subway employees were oblivious to him, and shares the shocking news of which Subway sandwiches CC Sabathia, Tony Parker, Ryan Howard, Ndamukong Suh and others really eat. And it ain't easy getting to be a Sunway endorser like they are. Not only do you have to be a superior athlete, you've got to know your Big Chipotle Cheese Steak from your Meatball Marinara with Jalapeños.

"I'll have a gazillion people reach out to me, usually it's an agent, and they'll say, 'My guy or gal loves Subway,'" Pace tells Janoff. "My first question is, 'What's their favorite sub?' And if they answer, 'Uh ... Uh ... Uh ... tuna ...' I'll say, 'Not so interested.' But when they can recite in detail what they eat, I'll listen."



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