iVillage Branded Hub Set To Launch Home Channel

Life Goes Strong, iVillage's branded hub for Boomers, on Thursday is expected to debut a new Home channel at HomeGoesStrong.com.

There, visitors can hone their holiday entertaining skills, refine their gift lists, and prepare for next year's domestic duties, said Devin Johnson, General Manager of iVillage's Digital Works@NBCU divison.

"Many of those in our boomer audience have just become empty-nesters," said Johnson. "HomeGoesStrong.com showcases different ways they can reinvigorate their home for this exciting new phase of their lives."

Launched in May along with Procter & Gamble Productions, Life Goes Strong is run by the Digital Works@NBCU division -- formerly known as NBC Digital Networks -- of iVillage. (LifeGoesStrong.com, however, is not part of the iVillage.com.)

"With this property in particular, we're enabling advertisers and brands to reach a powerful demographic with an annual spending power of $1 trillion," Rich DelCore, P&G's director of branded entertainment, said in May.



Life Goes Strong consists of a network of sites targeting adults between the ages of 45 and 64. Presently, the Life Goes Strong network attracts over 1.5 million unique visitors a month, according to iVillage.

Through partnerships and original site development, iVillage has recently sought to extend its reach into specific content categories.

Earlier this year, the NBC Universal-owned media unit partnered with health and nutrition Web site EatingWell.com to share ad sales and marketing opportunities.

In another instance, late last year, iVillage launched an entertainment site focused on celebrity news, movies and television shows for women and their children.

HomeGoesStrong.com's featured "talent" includes celebrity event designer Preston Bailey, who, beginning next week, will be sharing tips and advice for entertaining -- and giving gifts to -- friends and family over the holidays.

Other sites within the Life Goes Strong network include FamilyGoesStrong.com, StyleGoesStrong.com, TechnologyGoesStrong.com, and HealthGoesStrong.com.

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