Hispanics More Receptive To Online Advertising


Online Hispanic consumers tend to be younger than non-Hispanic consumers -- and have better and more positive responses to online advertising, according to comScore. 

The comScore study says 31% of U.S. Hispanics enjoy watching ad messages compared to 19% for non-Hispanic consumers. U.S. Hispanic also have higher expectations when it comes to entertaining ad messages, with 48% anticipating online ads to be entertaining compared to 39% for non-Hispanics.

U.S. Hispanic consumers have higher recall -- 35% to non-Hispanic's 22%. Some 30% of the time, advertising is also more likely to influence Hispanic consumers' product decisions when buying for their children, compared to 15% of Non-Hispanics.

"The U.S. Hispanic online marketplace is a fast-growing and potentially lucrative sector that marketers cannot ignore," stated Josh Chasin, chief research officer of comScore.



"Online Hispanics are younger and more acculturated than their offline counterparts and they are quite receptive to advertising when it is sufficiently engaging. What's especially interesting is that engagement with advertising has more to do with narrative elements and storytelling than it does with actually running the advertisement in Spanish."

Average Hispanic online consumers are younger than non-Hispanics by over three years -- 31 years old to 34.5 years old. The study also says 52% of Hispanics prefer English as their primary language, with 26.1% choosing bilingual and 21.9% preferring Spanish as their primary language.

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