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Study: Brand-Loyal Smartphone Owners Ain't

  • Reuters, Monday, November 29, 2010 1:13 PM
Sure to bring smiles to marketers' mouths -- and tears to their eyes -- a new survey indicates that smartphone owners feel little to no loyalty to their current brand. Indeed, 56% of smartphone owners in key global markets were keeping their options open about which phone they would buy next, with only Apple commanding a significant degree of loyalty, according to a new GfK study published by Reuters.

"Loyalty with a handset is a lot more complicated these days in that people buy into experiences at the high-end level," analyst Ryan Garner tells Reuters. "If a phone doesn't do what it says it will do or what the owner hopes it will do, the maker will lose loyalty." Overall, GfK found that just 25% of smartphone owners planned to stay loyal to the operating system running their phone -- with loyalty highest among Apple users at 59%, and lowest for Microsoft's phone software, at 21%. In between, 28% for users of phones running Google's Android software expressed some degree of brand loyal.



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