We Wish You A Sexist Christmas, and a Naughty New Year

I thought that a generation of feminist soldiers fought bravely in the streets so our children would never have to watch the kind of video you will want to (nay, have to ) watch below. Recalling the days of Playboy magazine Christmas cartoons that objectified women to excruciating lengths, we present with begrudging admiration "The Cup Size Choir" video that is trending up the viral charts this week. From UK lingerie-maker La Senza and agency Karmarama comes a choir of young models in a range of cup sizes gasping Christmas carols. Oh, it gets better.

You see, the cup sizes translate into musical notes. The parallel mattresses the ladies of variable endowment end up on become a keyboard. Let the holiday orgasmic caroling begin. The camera dances over their heaving figures in order to rouse a Hefner-like Christmas spirit of high-def naughtiness.

Actually "The Cup-Size Choir" might just be another flash in the pan viral video if not for the kind of follow-through that more streaming media should try. Follow the direction at the end of the clip to go to and you can click through to the full interactive Monty, so to speak. You get to play the ladies. Just tap the middle row of keys to activate any of the seven, um instruments. You can even record your tune and share it. There is a bit of a lag between clicks or key presses and the tone, but after a little practice you will get the hang of it. And the ladies never seem to get annoyed.

Well, it's Christmas, and I will spare you my politically correct rant about how objectionable this is on so many levels. But there is no getting over that it is a creative piece of work. The photography is peerless and seductive. The gimmick endearing. But best of all there is follow-through to genuine interactivity that is hard to resist. The various keys/women/cups/notes even can click through the purchase opportunities. Naughty as it all may be, it is nice to see an advertiser actually close the loop on a video campaign.

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