Gen Y Connects To Brands Via Digital Media

Gen Y DigitalWith approximately 75 million individuals ages 12-29 living in the U.S. today, Gen Y is believed to be the largest generational cohort since the baby boomers. And digital media is "trouncing" traditional channels in the battle for affluent Gen Y consumers, according to a new study by L2, which examined the media consumption habits of well-heeled millennials, defined as anyone born between 1980-2000).

The L2 study was based on an international survey panel of 535 young adults who expect to be earning more than $80,000 per year in the near future. Of key interest to advertisers and marketers, it delved into the implications for luxury marketers looking to connect with prestige-oriented members of this rising generation.

Facebook is a dominant presence in the Gen Y media mix, with 81% of affluent millennial consumers using it every day; that's about twice the proportion who read newspaper content (45%) or watch TV shows (44%) every day.



Some 25% said they use mobile devices to access social media, while a solid majority gave social media an important role in their consumer decisions. Sixty-three percent use social media to engage with brands, and over half said their attitudes toward brands were shaped by Facebook, blogs and online video produced by brands.

Companies take note: 45% said they read blogs every day.

Indeed, online video is making impressive strides among the Gen Y affluent audience: 42% of the sample group said they watch TV shows online, while 27% watch movies online. It's no surprise that mobile is playing an increasingly important role, with 13% saying they had watched video on a mobile device in the past 24 hours.

When Gen Y affluents do consume traditional media content, it tends to be via digital channels. For example, 66% of respondents said they read newspaper content online. However, there is considerable variation between media: 71% of respondents said they still read print magazines, compared to just 24% who read magazine content online.

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  1. Sunil Soman from NCM Media Networks, December 29, 2010 at 1:02 p.m.

    The very hyper-social activity of this group that makes it so elusive to traditional media actually opens the door for another incredibly impactful means of reaching this audience: the cinema. Data from the MRI Twelveplus study indicates that nearly half of upscale millennials are monthly visitors to the cinema, giving it an index nearly doubling the general population.

    The close connection to the movie-going experience is also manifested within the digital inclinations of this group highlighted in the article as the MRI data also shows upscale millennials as being more than twice as likely as the general population to visit film-related websites. Looking up movie listings or show times ranks as the 6th highest activity done on the internet by this group.

    Sitting precisely at the cross section of social activity and mass media distribution, the cinema offers a truly unique means for brands to reach millennials - by following their passion for films online and geo-targeting onscreen distribution to upscale areas brands can build strong connections specifically among affluent millennials.

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