Out to Launch

1Yahoo Mail launched two sweet TV ads promoting its increased storage space and picture slideshow capabilities. It almost makes me want to use Yahoo Mail. Almost. A daughter conveys her love for her father in "World's Greatest Dad." A series of animated father-daughter events of the past play out and conclude with Dad saving this precious email from his little girl. Watch it here. A man longs to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend in "Lover Come Back." His heart broken, an animated black-and-white version of the man reminisces about good times shared, dancing, picnicking and cheering on their favorite sports team. The hole in his life is filled when his girlfriend returns his heart... intact. See it here. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created the ads, produced by Blacklist



2Nike, celebrating its partnership with the French Football Federation, launched "Vive Le Football Libre," highlighting up-and-coming athletes and their snazzy new Nike uniforms. Athletes practice and play games in muddy and snowy weather as a voiceover borrows words from a duel scene in Cyrano de Bergerac. "Prince, drop your weapon. Humbly kneel; Seek grace from God in requisite; Repentance. Now I stamp the seal; the poem ended -- and I hit," reads the final stanza, as a player kicks the ball at a crucial moment, to the delight of fans inside the stadium. Watch the ad here, created by Leg and produced by Little Minx.

3Say goodnight to Mercedes-Benz and good morning to Audi in "Good Night," a TV spot promoting the Audi A8. The ad serves as a nod to "Goodnight Moon," a children's book written by Margaret Wise Brown, about a baby bunny saying goodnight to everything around him. Audi's version, however, is filled with excessive, old luxury, like mink stoles, expensive cuff links, chandeliers and a Mercedes-Benz. Good morning to illumination, innovation and unequaled inspiration says a voiceover, as an Audi A8 starts its engine. See the ad here. Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, created the ad, directed by Daniel Kleinman and edited by Cut + Run.  

4K-Y launched a pair of ads in preparation for Valentine's Day. Judging by the ad, "Nutmeg," I have a feeling the spice will become a secondary name to reference K-Y. Let's begin with "Preparation." A man spends all evening preparing a romantic night with his ladylove: he cooks several versions of dinner, he tries on multiple outfits, does push-ups, sets the table to perfection. Once his woman comes home, she shows off her K-Y Intense purchase and it's off to the bedroom. See it here. The couple discusses the previous night's amazing "dessert" ingredients while eating breakfast. The subtitles inform viewers that nutmeg is really a euphemism for K-Y Intense -- and both parties will be calling in sick today. Watch the ad here. Mother New York created the campaign.

5EA's Dead Space 2: the video game only a mother could hate. In other words: gamers will love it. "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2" takes mothers' bona fide reactions to the game's violent content and creates a humorous 30-second spot. "Why would they even make something like this," asks one concerned mother. Add to this graphics of over-the-top scenes from Dead Space 2 and you have one proud game manufacturer. Watch it here. Check out the Dead Space 2 Web site for long form versions of moms reacting to the game. Draftfcb San Francisco created the campaign.

6Land Rover phones are rugged and capable of withstanding almost anything that stands in its way, like elephants, giraffes and cement trucks. Three print ads launched in the U.K., depicting phones in different outlandish strength test scenarios. In "Safari," an elephant stands atop a Land Rover phone as it carries wild animals and safari gear. See it here. Phones also withstand heavy construction vehicles and emergency rescue equipment, shown here and here. Y&R Lima and RKCR/Y&R London created the campaign.

7Now this is my kind of entrance. Is this how the Salahis crashed the White House party? Heineken launched "The Entrance," a great viral video that follows a charming party crasher as he greets characters like a decorated one-eyed general and kung fu expert. Did I mention he gifts the one-eyed general with a faux eye? Say good-bye to the eye patch. Our charismatic party crasher also charms the ladies, sinks an unthinkable basketball shot, and hops onstage to perform with the band, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Watch the video here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

8You either have a Super Bowl ring or you don't; and it's clearly better to have than to have not. Fox Sports Marketing ran a series of amusing TV ads throughout the football season to promote NFL on FOX. The ads star the haves: Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, Howie Long, Michael Strahan and Jimmy Johnson, and the have-nots: Curt Menifee, Joe Buck, Frank Caliendo and Jay Glazer. In "Lobby," a hotel tells the have-nots there are no rooms available. Howie Long saves the day by waving his Super Bowl ring, scoring the gents four penthouse suites. Watch it here. Going through airport security is a pleasure, if you have a Super Bowl ring. You can keep your shoes on, drink champagne and carry large knives. See it here. "Pool Party" is my favorite ad. The have-nots think they scored a VIP poolside hut... until they look across the pool and see how the Super Bowl ring men party: with Usher, Hugh Laurie and a bevy of beautiful women. Watch it here. Fox Sports Marketing created the ads, produced by Smuggler and edited by Arcade Edit. 

9Random iPad App of the week: Rodale's Organic Gardening is touted as the first gardening magazine to enter the iPad field. Monthly issues are available for purchase in the App store for $3.99. Bonus content not found in the print issues can be accessed through the app, including photo galleries, how-to videos and recipes.

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