Who The F**k Is Justin Bieber

Imagine a TV doctor portrayed by George Clooney. Okay, so he actually played one on TV. But Best Buy CMO Barry Judge just showed ANA TV/Video attendees a mock-up of a spot the electronics retailer is toying with featuring Clooney as a doctor delivering a baby in a hospital attended by android nurses. Better yet, the expectant mom also is an android.

"Congratulations," says one of the android nurses as the android mom delivers, "It's streaming broadband."

The point of the spot, Judge said, was to promote Best Buy's new buyback program, which is like an insurance policy allowing consumers to sell equipment back to Best Buy when a new gizmo or version of a gizmo comes out.

"As soon as you buy something a new thing comes out," Judge said, adding, "We didn't do any of those" commercials.

Others included Courtney Cox in a hot tub, and Fred Flintstone using a mobile phone.

Other versions Best Buy is considering shows "upgrades" of people.

Actor Will Smith being upgraded by his son.

George Clooney being upgraded by Justin Bieber. Etc.

There were problems getting many of those celebrities to agree.

Then Best Buy hit on an actual execution while watching an interview with Ozzy Osborne. When the interviewer asked Osborne what he thought of Justin Bieber, he said, "Who the f**k is Justin Bieber."

That line sold the Best Buy marketing team, and the rest, as they say, is Super Bowl history. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

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