CIMM Kicks Off 3-Screen Usage, Ad Metrics


The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, the group of advertisers, agencies and networks looking to upgrade media measurement, is launching two tests about how best to track multiscreen usage for a particular individual.

Working separately with Arbitron and comScore, the studies will explore how to track usage patterns and advertising effectiveness across TV, the Internet and mobile devices. Both tests are aimed at developing "cross-platform metrics" that can gauge "unduplicated reach and frequency" across the screens.

Arbitron will tap into its panel of about 70,000 people who carry a Portable People Meter, and assemble a subset that uses all three screens for its test. PPMs, which capture audio signals, are used to measure radio consumption and TV viewing outside the home.

The online and mobile usage will be accumulated via software meters Arbitron has from Integrated Media Measurement, Inc. Arbitron plans to drill deeper to attach demographic information to its usage data.

At comScore, the company will recruit a panel from its 25,000-member cross-platform panel. Its technology will allow tracking online and mobile use, which will be combined with TV viewing data culled from set-top boxes. It will also meld in some added mobile Internet data from server logs.

"These innovative, small-scale pilot tests will independently explore different methodologies to capture all three-screen media usage for selected programming and advertising campaigns," stated CIMM Managing Director Jane Clarke.

"Aside from testing the methodologies, we're also hoping to gain deeper insights into the way that consumers are using media across three-screens," she added.

Results will be available later this year.

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