eCreativeSearch (part of the FastChannel Network) is a massive database consisting of more than 22,000 TV commercials, music videos, and movie trailers, with agency, director, and production contacts listed alongside. There are three ways to search the database (SpotSearch, DirectorSearch, and ResourceSearch), and each main categorical search is then broken down into four mini-categories, so the information is not overwhelming to viewers.

SpotSearch allows visitors to search for ads, trailers, and videos alphabetically or by keyword, product category, company, or even by recent events such as the Clio Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. DirectorSearch enables visitors to search for a director by name, title, style (action, black and white), and specialty. ResourceSearch allows queries by company and/or people alphabetically or by type of company, job title, and company location.

The ads go back about five years, but there are some from as far back as the ’60s. The alphabetical agency search is also impressive. Naturally, this type of content comes at a price. Depending on what plan you choose (searching either by one main category or by all three), a one-year subscription can set you back anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.

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