The Ultimate SEO PPC Rap Battle

I'm sure by now many of you have seen the killer Page Rank rap laid down by Charles "Chuck" Lewis, aka the SEO Rapper. If you haven't, you must. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Now, we've all seen SEO and PPC battle it out in many a conference room and trade show. But I think the time has come to take the battle to the streets. Or, rather, back to the trade shows -- but keeping it street! 

That's why I'm challenging the SEO Rapper to do battle with my new alter ego, the PPC MC.

Maybe I'm feeling a little brazen after my 3-day run as MC of the Search Insider Summit, where I openedeachday with a rap. 



Or maybe I'm just feeling like PPC needs a little extra attention these days, with SEO getting all the headlines

Regardless, the time has come to lay it all on the line. It's time for the Poetic Prophet to defend his domain. And it's time for Tha Lyrical G to see if he's got the goods.  

So, c'mon now, waddya say C?
I called you out on Facebook but only got "maybe."

Let's give the people what they want. Yo, let's do this thing.
The Search Insider Summit in Captiva's the setting.

The sun will be blazin', the rhymes will be amazin'.
We'll go toe to toe. Me PPC, you SEO.

The crowd will be hype and definitely tan.
DJ Rob will lay the beats just the best he can.

You'll probably talk about links and sculpting them all nice.
I'll talk about monitoring bid rates like white on rice.

You'll bring up Page Rank and I'll peep Quality Score.
You'll plug those free clicks. I'll say it's worth paying more.

For every benefit you drop, you know I'll counter.
SEO may be the Big Mac -- but PPC's the Quarter Pounder!

You may get more volume and extra credibility,
But I'm more flexible and got mad trackability.

For SEO to kick in, it can take a long time.
But PPC's as quick as I am with my rhymes.

Titles and descriptions are static when listed in organic,
But PPC creative can be changed instantly, it's manic.

Sure, SEO site links can give consumers more direction,
But now I can play that game too -- it's called ad extensions.

You'll probably point out that people ignore PPC,
But I'll whip out my secret weapon, a fresh case study.

Last holiday season, we took it to the max,
PPC drove incremental clicks and hella cash.

You'll say potato, I'll say po-tah-to,
"Better together" may become our motto.

Indeed PPC and SEO together may be the best use.
Like Dr. Dre and Snoop, we'll sip on gin and link juice.

You buddy up with IT and I sit with marketing,
But when we're integrated is when we really sing!

With your Barry White voice and my Eminem looks,
We'll school SEM'ers like we're teaching textbooks.

I need all the help I can get for Chuck to step up to the mike,
So if you want to see this battle, click on the Facebook Like.

And if this column wasn't enough to show I'm serious about my flow,
I took it one step further with this official challenge video.

So come on Chuck, quit ducking me.
Let's see who's got the chops, SEO or PPC.

I ain't goin' away. I'll stay on ya like a pest.
Until you agree to throw down at the next SIS.

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  1. Kraig Smith from PReturn Inc., February 25, 2011 at 9:22 a.m.

    Oh it's on ...

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