Break Media Breaks Out Five Spring Series

I am not sure there is any seasonality to online programming, but spring is as good a time as any for new digital content. Perhaps in tune with Spring Break, Break Media rolled out a slate of Web series it will be launching in coming weeks. All of the content is decidedly skewed to the young male audience. Now that the lad mags like Maxim are in decline, someone has to serve this demo offbeat humor, rugged weirdness and the usual wink-and-a-nod guy guidance.

Speaking of which, the one series that is already in the wild (no pun intended) is "For the Win," a straightforward bit of tongue-in-cheek infotainment on stuff guys should know. To wit: how to win a fight in one punch. This inaugural minute makes quick work of showing how to position the knuckles, twist the arm, etc. to bring down, "even Chuck Norris." And with Chuck Norris, who needs a reason? They are promising future segments like how to secure a raise (this may involve the punch lessons) or how to master the grill.



Another series will feature Break editors touring the country in search of those 'No sh*t, f***in' cool' places and experiences ("Awesome America"). The "Thinking Out Loud" Web series is bound to get some notice. Here the comedian-interviewer of celeb guests does a mock voiceover of what they must be thinking. We would love to hear the negotiations that go on with the star's press agents over this one. There will be MMMAshed Potato, which will feature the best (relative term, here) from Mixed Martial Arts. And finally a gamer-oriented "FAQ U" on hints and tips for gameplay. Most of these shows are aligned with the content channels that have evolved at Break, including the Made Man, Screen Junkies, Cage Potato and Game Front sections.

The series are being produced internally by Break Media Creative Labs, which claims to be making new videos at the rate of 1,000 this year.  The team had partnered with model Brooklyn Decker on a video that went viral and promoted her starring role in the Adam Sandler film, "Just Go With It."

Break Media says that these series were built with sponsorship partnerships and integrations in mind. Each series was constructed to allow for brand messaging that can be aligned with or embedded within the program itself.
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