New Snapple Tea Bears TV Show's Name

A new, limited-edition flavor of Snapple is carrying the name of a TV show - CBS's "The Amazing Race" -- on its label, as well as being featured in show product placements and ads. The partnership also includes a co-branded contest hosted on Snapple's Facebook site.

India's rich tea tradition and the CBS show's stop in Kolkata, India during last night's episode "inspired" the new Papaya Mango Tea, according to brand's promotions. The labels of the new flavor's regular and diet versions feature "The Amazing Race" below the Snapple logo, and have also been embellished with graphics evocative of traditional Indian decorative motifs.

Snapple was highlighted within the episode, in which the contestants followed the ancient tea-trading route between China and India. At show's end, the new flavor was unveiled as "Race" host Phi Keoghan presented the prize package to the first-place team.

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