Kiip Launches Ad Network For Mobile Games

  • by April 11, 2011





"Reach Them When They Win" is the tagline -- and gist -- of Kiip's new mobile game ad network that launched today.  Nine brand advertisers are already on board, delivering free samples and discounts to gamers when they reach individual "achievement levels," such as moving on to a higher level of play or completing a difficult puzzle.

David Eastman, CEO of WPP Group agency JWT, North America, stated that Kiip offers brands a solution to the "holy grail" of engagement by providing "the ability to capture users during the ultimate lean-in moment of their game play."

Brands using Kiip include 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Carl's Jr./ Hardee's, Dr Pepper, GNC,, popchips, Sephora, Sony Dash and vitaminwater.

Advertisers will pay on a cost-per-engagement basis, says Kiip CEO and co-founder Brian Wong. "It's performance-based, and lends really well to our model around true engagement."

A Kiip control panel allows advertisers to track campaigns in real-time, Wong says, with the most important measurements being the tracking of "achievement moments" and registrations -- when gamers input their emails to receive their rewards.  Users also have the option of gifting their rewards to friends.

"To you, 1,000 points may be hard, but to another person, 1,000 points may be a piece of cake," said Wong. Which means Kiip's algorithm accounts for relative skills. "We will consider that the 1,000 points to you may be your highest achievement yet." The higher the difficulty of any user's achievement, the greater the reward.

Kiip allows mobile advertisers to move beyond banners, Wong notes, while gamers get to receive real-world rewards rather than virtual ones.  He called Kiip "an effective way to get a brand in front of an audience of millions who are engaged, happy and in a natural break in play."

Kiip said it currently has an audience of over 12 million via 15 mobile games, but that it would not reveal titles for a few weeks to allow for "unadulterated game play to test and resolve any kinks."

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