Email More Trustworthy Than Direct Mail

Interesting results from Forrester Research's U.S. Interactive Marketing Online Survey, showing email brings as much consumer trust as TV and magazine ads, and more than direct mail and many other media.

Survey was of nearly 4,000 U.S. online adults, where they were asked: "How much do you trust the following sources of information?"

A company's Web site: 30% A brand's Web site: 27% Ads in newspaper: 22% Email from a company: 21% Ads on TV: 21% Ads in magazines: 21% Direct Mail: 19% Online brand sponsorships: 17% Ads on the radio: 17% A company's social network profile: 13% Ads in search engines: 12% A company's blog: 12% Online banner ads: 9% Mobile ads: 6%

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