Owned, Earned and Paid Media Part of the Brand Ecosystem

Sitecore's Erick Mott offered some commentary in a blog post during the Summit on the new Forrester "Interactive Brand Ecosystem" report, where he wrote about where owned, earned and paid media fit in that ecosystem. (Email is owned media.)

How can marketers take advantage?

He wrote: "Building on this context, let’s agree there are now two primary disciplines that marketers use to operate in their real-time marketing worlds -- as part of a sense and adapt strategy:

* Planned campaigns that have pre-established goals and limited flexibility * Ongoing conversations and content creation that require interactive engagement, fluid decision-making and execution

When applying a sense and adapt strategy with these two disciplines, marketers have a number of methods available to help them plug into, understand and act on what target audiences prefer and want from a cross channel orientation. Sources of data and insight include:

* Analytics for historical reporting and engagement automation (he has a white paper on this topic) * Email marketing feedback loops, traffic/response, social sharing and conversion metrics * Revenue oriented performance across digital channels * Social media monitoring * Intuition

At the end of the day, it's all about creating compelling experiences for individuals (not segments or, worse, mass markets) who are using PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones to live, work, play, learn and purchase. Today's consumers want meaningful experiences via these digital devices that meet their needs and convey that brands really care about them."

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