Stoli: Go 'F' Yourself

  • May 26, 2011
Given that even a suggestion of profanity (never mind actual profanity) is guaranteed to get people's attention, Stolichnaya's latest marketing initiative would seem to have significant buzz potential.

The vodka brand has launched a Facebook app dubbed "Go F Yourself" (GFY)-- short for "Go Fan Yourself" -- that lets consumers create alter egos and Facebook fan pages for same.

The GFY app/effort is an extension of the "Would You Have a Drink With You?" ad campaign launched by the brand last year, which features Hugh Hefner, Julia Stiles and Biz Stone. 

To participate, users answer questions and engage in games that take them through the process of creating alter egos that reflect their personalities. (For instance, selecting how they would react in a hypothetical club situation.)

Stoli says it expects to drive brand buzz as fans' alter egos draw fans. Their hypothetical example: "Jane Doe," in real life a  librarian, creates a "Bombshell" alter ego who is the lead singer in a punk rock band and "a total bad-ass by night." 



Dreary Jane's alter ego will then suggest cocktails, write wall posts and "report back on her many misadventures"....and "over time, her alter ego grows as additional content is created around her unique life."

To encourage the Jane and John Does of the world to live vicarious lives in cyberspace, Stoli will supply iPads through which to sign up during 1,200-plus sponsored "bar nights." 

The brand will also support the social media effort with GFY flash-display and banner online ads on Facebook,,, and other sites.

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