OMMA Mobile: Panelists Talk Retail Apps

At the OMMA Mobile Conference panel on mobile at retail Molly Garris, digital strategy director at Leo Burnett's Arc Worldwide said agency research last fall showed shoppers are still old fashioned when it comes to coupons. "They get coupons together and make shopping lists. We found people have started making lists on the notepad app that comes standard on iphone. but there are better apps out there for this."

And she said the agency found that consumers with smart phones are still cutting out physical coupons. "There are so many better ways than clipping coupons like grocery IQ. But I think tech shift will change the way we will shop."

Shehryar Khan, CEO of Ubermind said QR codes are not a good experience because they are not integrated into devices. "I see a QR code, and I need an app. I go to the app store, I download the right scanning app. I spend too many cycles doing that. But we will see technology coming out that streamlines the process."

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