Outdoor TV Bows 10 New Shows


Outdoor TV is unveiling 10 new shows for its third-quarter programming line-up, including an array of reality series about hunting and the outdoor life. The new HD programs join 73 other programs set to return to Outdoor with all-new episodes.

The new Outdoor TV roster boasts some noteworthy celebrities, including actor Joe Mantegna, who is hosting the first season of "MidwayUSA's Gun Stories," which takes viewers through a history of firearms --- from the design through range use, with plenty of high-speed photography examining the operation and performance of each weapon. "Gun Stories" is scheduled to debut June 29.

Another new show, "Realtree's NASCAR Outdoors," set to debut June 30, combines NASCAR with hunting by tagging along with well-known drivers who like to hunt, including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Martin Truex Jr., Ryan Newman, Jeff Hammond, Clint Bowyer, Richard Childress, Ty Dillon, Bobby Labonte and Elliott Sadler.



The Outdoor Channel is also bringing back "Realtree Outdoors," which takes celebrity-hunters like comedian Jeff Foxworthy as its subjects.)

"These celebrities have proven that the outdoor lifestyle attracts people of all walks of life," stated Tom Hornish, COO, Outdoor Channel.

Another new show, "Mudslingers Presented by Sta-Bil," gives viewers a front-row seat for mudslinging -- driving 4x4 trucks in off-road conditions -- with obstacle courses, mud-bogging pits, trail rides and rock climbing. The show also takes viewers inside the process of creating a customized 4x4.

Shawn Michaels' "MacMillan River Adventures," set to debut June 28 lets viewers tag along with the WWE Hall of Famer and his friends as they circle the globe in search of big game.

"Grateful Nation," debuting Sunday, July 3 follows disabled veterans who are still hunting despite their handicaps, with each episode centering on conversations in the field with Tim Abell, a former Army Airborne Ranger-turned-actor.

"Moultrie's The Hit List," which begins June 28 is basically a hunting fantasy come to life, as four expert hunters are equipped with the latest hunting technology and told to turn it loose on unsuspecting trophy deer. While the technology is impressive, the hunters still experience setbacks and misses, giving the show an exciting edge. "ScentBlocker Most Wanted" is a similar concept, giving expert outdoorsmen (and outdoorswoman Lauren Thomas) access to the latest technology in the form of infrared cameras and other equipment as they track big game across North America. It's set for July 2.

"Primitive Instinct" follows Gregg Ritz as he goes after big game in remote, spectacular locations, hunting (and trying to survive) in extreme conditions. "Team Elk," presented by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, follows a group of charismatic hunters tracking elk across spectacular scenery in Colorado, Kentucky, New Mexico, Montana and elsewhere.

Finally, "HeadHunters TV," coming Sunday, features hosts Randy Birdsong and Troy Ruiz showing what goes into making an Outdoor Channel series.

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