Facebook Popular For Retail Promotions

According to the Compete quarterly Online Shopper Intelligence Study, online consumers are now using retailers' Facebook pages as online circulars to engage with brands online. The report says that one quarter of consumers now visit an official Facebook page for a retailer or consumer product at least once a month, and 56% of these respondents say they use retailers' Facebook pages to keep up to date on sales and promotions.

More than 20% of consumers said that Facebook pages have been "influential" or "extremely influential" in making a purchasing decision, suggesting that posting sales, promotions and other calls to action on Facebook is a wise idea for retailers looking to drive incremental sales and boost consumer engagement on the social network.

Debra Arbesman, Compete senior associate, says "... Facebook pages can be a highly strategic and relatively low-cost marketing tool for retailers to engage with shoppers... (as) retailers are now making Facebook pages part of an integrated online shopping experience... (expected to) take the industry by storm in the coming months."

The study examined traffic to Facebook's top brand pages and discovered that the Apple iTunes Facebook page actually received more traffic than the iTunes domain did in February.

Matt Pace, Compete managing director of retail and consumer products, notes that "Nearly half of consumers in the study reported that they are a fan of five or more retailers/brands on Facebook... "

Consumer Reasons For Visiting a Retailer Facebook Page

Reason For Visit

% of Respondents (Multiple OK)

Keep up-to-date on sales and promotins


Learn more about a specific retailer


Appears in news feed/friend "likes"


Let others know why retailer preference


Connect with others liking retailer


Source: Compete Online Shopper Intelligence, Q1 2011 (Compiled from a survey of 3,269 online purchasers between April 14 and May 5, 2011)

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  1. Howie Goldfarb from Blue Star Strategic Marketing, July 4, 2011 at 11:26 a.m.

    This is what I hate Jack, which is the ambiguity. 75% never go to a brand page and of the 25% they go only once a month. This is like when Facebook counts an active user as logging in once a month. Which is it is only once per month to me a marketer I think zero. If I have to reach you and you only come for a stop in once a month randomly I can never reach you.

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