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Levi'sLevi's took its stateside campaign "Go Forth" to a global audience, running in 24 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. The campaign continues to pay homage to the brand's heritage while celebrating present-day pioneers looking to make a difference in the world. "Legacy," a 60-second ad, launched Monday on Facebook and will air on TV and in theatres later this month. The spot features young adults in Berlin, forming a large crowd in the streets. A few adults come face-to-face with police in riot gear, an image all too poignant given what's happening now in London. Other friends are simply gathering together to watch the sunrise and attend a concert. The poem "The Laughing Heart" by Charles Bukowski is read throughout: "Your life is your life. Know it while you have it. You are marvelous. The Gods wait to delight in you." Watch the TV ad here and see print ads here, here and here. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.



DoritosPlaying with your food can be fun, profitable and problematic for Esteban, the "Dip Desperado" in a TV ad for Doritos. The two-minute spot opens with the humble beginnings of Esteban, a regular guy with an extraordinary talent for flipping chips with eagle-eyed accuracy. At one point in the ad, he actually takes downs an eagle soaring high above. Esteban becomes "El Flicko," garnering success, admiration, and women. Years pass and a younger man dethrones Esteban of his title and his wife. The spot ends with an older Esteban emerging from his home to prove his talent still exists. Watch the ad here, created by AMV BBDO and edited by Adam Jenkins of FeedTheWalrus.

CoronaCorona Extra's latest TV spot encourages "Commuters" to find their own beach, even if it's inside a busy park. Three pals in bathing suits sit and drink their Coronas on the beach as a group of stressed-out and overly dressed commuters rush alongside the water. One commuter strays from the hoard and joins the relaxed Corona drinkers. Turns out that the beach and bikinis are just an illusion; in reality, the friends are unwinding in a park after a day's work. See the ad here, created by Cramer-Krasselt Chicago.

NewcastleVisitors to the Del Mar Race Track in San Diego, Calif. aged 21 and over can see an optical illusion of sorts made possible by Newcastle Brown Ale. On July 20, three giant pieces of art were placed at the entrance of the track. If you climb inside the middle installation and are standing in the right place, you'll see someone who looks like they're trapped inside an 8-foot-tall pint of Newcastle Brown Ale. There are worse ways to go. Newcastle encouraged visitors to upload pictures to Facebook and so far, more than 1,000 pictures are online. See the installation here, created by Vitro.

Living LanguageThis next campaign for Living Language combines New York City food trucks and learning foreign languages, for a campaign that feeds your mind and your stomach. Mullen Boston and Pittsburgh parked food trucks in Union Square and Midtown Manhattan today and tomorrow and is giving away snacks. Here's the catch: foodies must order in Spanish, French, Italian or German. It's called the "say it right to get a bite" rule. Last year, The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in NYC took $1 off orders for a Salty Pimp ice cream cone if you ordered in Spanish. (I looked it up and practiced on my co-workers all morning.) The campaign supports Living Language's new Platinum program providing foreign language instruction through text, audio CDs, online courses and apps. The menu includes grapefruit sorbet; sfogliatelle, a delicious Italian pastry; and pretzel with beet-horseradish mayo. The menu helps participants say the names of the items properly, and everyone gets entered into a contest to win Living Language's Platinum product or gift certificates to NYC restaurants.

Big Ad GigThe Big Ad Gig has returned to this year's Advertising Week, where eight creatives will compete for five month-long paid gigs at four agencies and Facebook. Atmosphere Proximity, one of the agencies awarding a 30-day post, created two amusing call to entries, one paying tribute to the past and the other with a modern spin. Participants must create a video reenactment of a moment in advertising history, like the birth of David Ogilvy or the launch of Facebook. The first ad begins in black and white with a man ill-equipped to work in a kitchen, especially an old-fashioned one. He's unable to crack eggs, but he can turn eggshells into a delicious cake. Watch it here. Next, a magic taxi carrying a giraffe, robot and sheep flies above Times Square, while the lone human passenger describes the rules for entering the Big Ad Gig. See it here.

Kenneth ColeKenneth Cole launched Where Do You Stand, a Web site that tackles four important issues: gay rights, a woman's right to choose, gun control and war. Visitors can discuss these issues via Facebook, and watch videos featuring Kenneth Cole himself. A social media, outdoor and print campaign, running in Vogue, Esquire and Details, supports the site launch. Print and outdoor ads will come equipped with a QR code, including this ad, deemed too controversial for advertising, until a strategically placed QR code was added. See the edited ad here. enter:new media handled campaign outreach.

FerragamoFerragamo launched its first foray into ready-to-wear e-commerce with, a U.S.-only site that features an online trunk show where customers can pull clothes from Ferragamo's fall/winter collection and choose, create, mix, match and purchase looks. Clothes, shoes and handbags will be available for purchase in limited quantities. The site features a "style yourself" sharing application where customers can create looks for themselves or their friends and share them via Facebook and social media outlets.

Cosmo for GuysRandom iPad App of the week: Hearst launched CFG -- that's Cosmo for Guys -- for the iPad. This is for the man who unabashedly reads his lady's issue of Cosmo, but now the app features content and quizzes especially for men. Topics covered include: 5 awkward date situations solved; the CFG sex map; gifts she'll love; and, "read her mind." The app can be purchased for $1.99 a month, $3.99 an issue or $19.99 annually in the App Store.

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