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Android Dominates Mobile Ad Impressions

Who's winning the race to monetize mobile? Well, as of July, Android still dominated mobile ad impressions with a 61% share of the market, according to new numbers from Millennial Media. While Android has led the market for eight consecutive months, Boy Genius Report says the numbers represent a "sizable swing ... for the first time in several months, with Android usage ... increasing from 54% in June to 61%."

Put another way, "Android's growth is something we're already used to, but it's the leaps and bounds that the platform takes that exceeded expectations in July," writes

Meanwhile, Apple's much-maligned iOS came in a distant second with 21% of impressions served during the month. That said, when ad revenue was tracked by platform, Android only bested iOS by 5%, ZDNet notes.

Apple is also the No. 1 mobile manufacturer with 26.45% of the market, closely followed by Samsung with 19.11%.

Poor Windows Phone 7 generated only 2% of ad impressions in July, but achieved a 71% increase month-over-month. "The indicates that more of these phones are in the market each month, and with Mango due to launch soon WP7 could be poised for good growth," ZDNet suggests.

In a different light, Millennial's data reveals that "the mobile network that is benefiting most of all from the smartphone data explosion is not a cellular operator, but the collective power of WiFi," writes paidContent. Indeed, it shows "that a full third of all traffic came from WiFi networks -- which include those from mobile operators but also the many hotspots and networks that are not."

A top mobile ad network, Millennial Media's monthly statistics are recognized by some as a health barometer for the mobile industry.

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