Getting The Second Date

Take this quiz to find out if you have the know-how to turn first dates into something more with Millennials.

True or False.

(1) The TRU Study 2011 says "36% of Millennials "...would prefer to spend free time with my family more than with my friends."

(2) "70% of Millennials reported feeling more excited when their friends agreed with them about where to shop, eat and play."

(3) Millennials are more likely to friend and/or follow a brand for discounts and freebies.

If you answered "True" to all of the above, congratulations; you are on the right track in scoring a first date with Millennials. Now, the important part is what happens afterward to get to a second date.

Making the Facebook like into a "real like" is going to take more than a free dinner. Brands need to remember to feed the connections first established through deals and special offers to turn them into relationships.



If they want to turn the first date into more, brands need to continue to offer something worthwhile ... value that does not necessarily have to do with price (material, emotional, mental or physical). Because, as everyone has experienced directly or indirectly at some point in time, if you are too materialistic and/or vapid you face the risk of being left behind for a different brand with more substance. Just like a one-night stand, the next day you may know how to reach them but they do not want to associate themselves with you.

So, here are some tips on how brands can get to the second date with Millennials:

• Recognize those we hold important in our lives, and find ways to provide Brand experiences that can be shared with family and friends. Because we love them and because many Millennials still live at home due to the economy and job market, make the deal or information live beyond the one who found it.

• As we tell our loved ones about a great date, we will share stories about a Brand we like too. Per the Spring 2011 Cassandra Report, Millennials "... appraise an item's value by the power of its story, and assign fictional tales to objects." So, think about how to continue to add to your story with us in mind and in tow. And consider ways for us to do the same for the brand.

• Leverage the shift of downtime to uptime (see previous, Cassandra report). Many Millennials believe "I am what I share" and prefer to be productive even when it is not expected of them. Because we want to be in the know and want to show others what we know, provide opportunities to use your brand in ways that teach, inform, inspire and excite us.

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