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WriterThe strategy to optimize Web site content based on the keywords people enter into search boxes on Google, Bing and Yahoo to find specific products, services or information is not new. Search engine optimization professionals know this. Most who write content for Web sites do not. Identifying the keywords can help writers connect with readers. There is a disconnect between SEO experts and content writers. Search marketers have known that for eons. Now a company confirms it with research to help writers connect with potential customers.

It turns out that publishers tapping real-time search and social data in content can improve engagement with readers, according to research from social media experts Bryan Eisenberg, Jay Baer, and Pelin Thorogood.

The free report -- The Impact of Real-Time Content Optimization: Does Access to Search and Social Intelligence Make You a Better Writer? -- examines the impact of using search and social data to write and produce content. Of course, the research links to a company -- Eightfold Logic, which offers a product called InboundWriter, a cloud application -- intended to help Web producers create more relevant content based on this method.



Still, it's not a bad product to know about for marketers who just want to optimize their Web site's content to improve the connection with visitors.

The study took seven weeks, ending Sept. 19. The first step examined the type of optimized content for each publisher, such as blog or Web site. The study focused on three online businesses: eBeanstalk; ConvinceandConvert; and Link Orbit. The authors then set performance metrics and benchmarks, and worked to improve content using InboundWriter.

The application, which folks can use to optimize eight documents for free monthly, produced interesting results for the three companies. Users paste the content into the Web-based application, which optimizes the copy that writers then copy and paste back into their Web site's Web page.  The content is analyzed through natural-language processing and proprietary algorithms to determine the most relevant words. The app produces a star rating system. 

eBeanstalk, an online toy retailer, boosted search engine traffic by 27%, and conversion to sale by 17% on product pages that were optimized with search data. Time spent on pages rose 153%.

ConvinceandConvert saw traffic to five blog posts rewritten, with InboundWriter rising 33%, compared with the 30 days prior rewriting the content. Six of seven new blog posts created gained Top 10 Google rankings within two days of publication for targeted terms.

LinkOrbit, a blog network, increased visitor time spent on site for two new Web sites by 112% compared with two control domains by adding optimized content over a period of four weeks. Page views rose 50% per visit for the optimized domains.

The research also highlights customer reach and engagement rates to help writers optimize Web site content. InboundWriter will also offer a custom optimization tool for social.

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  1. Raakaa Alton from SecretSauce Solutions Pvt Ltd, October 20, 2011 at 10:59 a.m.

    I would like to use the application as it ensure the quality of content over quantity and make a positive and lasting impression on the mind of prospective customers. -

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