Vizu, Firefly Partnership Improves Video Measurement

Dan-BeltramoVizu plans to announce integration with Firefly Video, powered by Tribal Fusion's E9 Audience Engagement Platform, in an effort to pull together disparate video-serving technologies. The move, which is coming Wednesday, will allow marketers to measure and optimize brand lift generated by video advertising in real-time. No matter how video ads are served, whether IAB VAST/VPAID-compliant, measurement is conducted consistently.

As part of Vizu's "Value in Video" initiative, the company's partnership with Firefly is intended to make optimizing video messages easier by identifying how consumers respond to the messages through Vizu Ad Catalyst, which measures Brand Lift generated by online video advertising campaigns in real-time, replacing click-through rates.

Combining the platform with Firefly, supported by Tribal's E9 technology, provides the ability to serve a questionnaire on brand-related topics -- typically around awareness and purchase intent. It will determine and measure whether the video ad successfully delivers its intended message and measures effectiveness.

Since Brand Lift data becomes available in real-time, marketers can continually optimize video campaigns through a dashboard, monitoring and evaluating creative, messages, targeting, and frequency to overall performance.

Vizu can now measure all video advertising. The Firefly implementation on the Tribal Fusion network demonstrates that it can outperform Vizu's normal percentages for awareness and purchase intent categories, given the consistent form of measurement, according to Vizu CEO Dan Beltramo. "For campaigns where the objective focused on branding, Tribal Fusion has seen 32% better performance than Vizu's brand lift for awareness, and 286% better performance brand lift for purchase intent," he said. 

Beltramo said Vizu’s integration with Tribal Fusion’s E9 platform is an example of how the company enables measurement of an important video delivery system that is not VAST/VPAID-compliant.

In one implementation, a campaign run by a large unnamed children's entertainment network drove "tune-in intent" for a new feature-length television movie. The finding suggests a 251.1% lift in consumer intent to watch the movie among those exposed to a video creative through Firefly implementations on Tribal Fusion's network. 

Consumers watching the video ad were nearly 3.5-times more likely to watch the children’s movie than those who were not exposed to the campaign. The brand experienced a lift after two exposures. The findings also suggest a 50% decrease in "negative intent" -- those unlikely or definitely unlikely to watch, among those exposed to the campaign.

Google began to heighten its attention on video ad metrics on YouTube by giving advertising the ability to measure the effectiveness of brand messages through a dashboard in AdWords. In September, the company introduced Google AdWords for video. Google AdWords for video offers reporting capabilities to monitor the length of time for views and the actions the viewer takes after leaving the advertisement. 

The new offering will compete with BlurbIQ, which provides brand sentiment in response to questions on what consumers have learned from ads. Consumers are invited to interact with display ads that overlay branded video ads with related questions.

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