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Michael Bay Directs Marketing Trailer For EA's 'Need For Speed: The Run'

Director of frenetic mechanical violence Michael Bay, a brand of mayhem unto himself, has directed the trailer for EA's “Need For Speed: The Run.”

Writes the Jalopniks: "There are explosions, random car crashes, a Camaro, a Ford Police Interceptor, more random car crashes, a hapless looking guy jumping through breaking glass while screaming the word "Nnnoooooo!" in slow motion, a woman with slightly-smaller-than-huge breasts, a few more random crashes, an avalanche, a skanky looking woman with small breasts, the Ford Police Interceptor getting shot at by a helicopter, a train, high speed chases, a guy jumping off a building, and just to top it all off – even more random car crashes." Now, if you really still need to see this, hit the link.



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