Millennial Rolls Out Mobile Creative Suite

Smartphone-Shop-sale-Mobile ad network Millennial Media today is rolling out a new suite of creative tools aimed at establishing a one-stop-shop for mobile ad development. Called mmStudio, the effort will provide access to a set of rich media formats, ad wireframes and solutions from outside rich media vendors. 

Advertisers have the option of working directly with Millennial Media to create ads, using digital wireframes to design ad creative themselves, or turning to any of 10 rich-media partners, including Celtra and Crisp. The creative content can run in ads served across Millennial's network, as well as within ad landing pages to bolster user engagement. 

The initial group of custom formats available through mmStudio, which Millennial had previously provided on a limited basis to select advertisers, includes:



Mobile Circular: Permits advertising up to 20 products within a single creative. The idea is to replicate a traditional freestanding insert within a mobile ad.

360° View: Allows consumers to interact with an object and rotate it 360 degrees in any direction, highlighting a product’s features in a rotating, customizable format.

“Smash It”: Interactive game unit that prompts users to tap certain objects on the screen to gain points, while avoiding other images that will cause them to lose the game. Players can post scores to social media sites, driving viral interest in the ad.

The Cube: Supports up to six images -- one on each “side” of the cube. Users navigate the cube through four arrows that rotate the cube in the guided direction to give the appearance of a 3D view.

Media Gallery: Enables advertisers to display a series of different images that progress from left to right. Viewers can initiate interaction through swipes or taps from the consumer, or the images can load automatically.

In addition to these specialized units, Millennial said marketers could also use its wireframes to create ads in other formats, like video, in which interactive features can be overlaid on top of video content. They can also choose from 15 interactive options, including “Download,” “Locate,” or “Share.”

Separately, mobile ad firm Smaato Thursday announced adding a new 3D ad format to its offerings for publishers and developers through a deal with Cooliris. Smaato said it has integrated Cooliris’ 3D ad technology into its open ad exchange that serves more than 40,000 mobile publishers. Mobile ad provider Amobee and AOL are among other companies that have recently adopted Cooliris’ 3D ad solution, which it offers through its AdJitsu unit.

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