Four Best Practices for Online Video from MediaVest

As the online video economy expands, agencies continue to refine their rules of the road. That’s why whenever I have the chance to chat with executives at media agencies, I like to ask them to share tips on what works and what doesn’t work in online video. Recently, Jeff Rossi VP and Digital Director, MediaVest spoke at the ad:tech conference and I asked him to share some additional best practices for online video with MediaPost as well.

Establish Creative Norms

Apples aren’t oranges, so let’s not compare them. Grouping 15-second or 30-second pre-rolls in with auto-play videos that run below the fold isn’t helpful to agencies or marketers. “In the same way we would never lump a display banner with a text link, we need to establish more rigor to how we evaluate video,” Rossi said.

Establish Standard Key Performance Indicators

Online video advertising has primarily been used by marketers for branding. That makes sense – sight, sound and motion has always been the ultimate branding tools. That may change soon though, Rossi said, since marketers now the ability to behaviorally target video in the same way they would display. “Once we have norms in creative, we also must create standard practices in KPIs,” he said.



Universal Tracking Across Video & Display

While video and display are different beasts, the industry would benefit from being able to measure them in some sort of consistent way. Since marketers may be reaching the same consumers via display ads and video ads, it would be helpful to track duplicated audiences. “In order to calculate accurate reach and frequency, a consistent ad serving platform is essential,” Rossi said.

Education: Learning is critical

With so many content creators, video ad networks, rich media companies and others participating and sharing info on the online video business, marketers will be most successful when they make a concerted effort to evaluate and learn from the market. “Understanding the opportunities and nuances of the space will help ensure a solution that is best,” concluded Rossi.

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  1. Frank Rocco from Global Marketing Services, December 6, 2011 at 6:26 p.m.

    This is a great list and right on the mark.
    On the branding and targeting front, we just built what we call a Heads & Tails Videobar.
    It's a display banner which includes a corporate branding video and also a video with a local agent or franchise, chosen by using the IP address of the viewer. It all happens in seconds when the Videobar is called up and a click on the local video gets a sales lead directly to a nearby agent. That's about as targeted as video can go. The other unique feature is that the videos load fast and preview with a simple rollover without clicking which enables the viewer to preview up to six videos before clicking through. It gives the advertiser many opps to engage the viewer, which means more clicks in the end.

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