DOOH Networks Get New Programming

Digital out-of-home networks are muscling up their content with original programming and exclusive programming partnerships. This week Gas Station TV and Akoo TV both unveiled new programming lineups. Their announcement follows a deal between Creative Mobile Technologies and ABC, bringing the latter’s content and advertising to CMT’s network of digital displays in taxis nationwide.

GSTV announced an exclusive new partnership with Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting, bringing HLN news content and Showbiz Tonight entertainment segments to GSTV pump screens. Under the terms of the deal, Turner will custom-produce and deliver stories from HLN and entertainment news from HLN's Showbiz Tonight for GSTV throughout the day. GSTV is currently in the process of installing its new inOvationTV digital video and ad platform at fuel retailers nationwide in partnership with GE Energy’s Wayne division, which should almost triple its current 28 million viewers per month to 70 million viewers per month.



Meanwhile, Akoo TV announced that it has launched several originally produced programs across its network reaching food courts in 165 malls in 60  U.S. markets. These include the “Akoo Scoop,” a 90-second music and entertainment segment; the "Akoo Trivia Challenge,” which rewards viewers for texting the correct answers to three trivia questions; and the “Akoo Exclusive,” featuring special live performances and interviews with popular music artists. Hosted by on-air personalities, the new programs and interactive segments are part of an array of new entertainment programming and celebrity-drive content set to premiere on the network in early 2012, offering new advertising, custom content, and branded entertainment opportunities.

Finally, Creative Mobile Technologies, which operates a DOOH network in taxi cabs in major metropolitan areas, announced that it has signed a deal with American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. and ABC National Television Sales to provide premium content and advertising through ABC’s local stations and sales forces in major U.S. media markets. The deal includes the flagship WABC-TV station in New York City, where the CMT network reaches 6,600 yellow medallion taxis. Ultimately the deal should bring ABC content and advertising to digital displays in over 10,000 taxis across the country in 2012.

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