Media Merchants Uses Lamborghini As Very Expensive Video Canvas

Last month, Vancouver-based production agency The Media Merchants used a Lamborghini Reventon as a canvas for animated images. 

The Reventon is Lamborghini’s priciest car, costing $1.5 million. To date, only 20 have been created and sold to the public. I know you’re shocked…

What began for Media Merchants as an in-house project morphed into a live event in Vancouver.

The Lamborghini Project first began with mapping animated images onto the car. Actually, it began once confirmation was received that the car was secured for the project. After that, the animation took two weeks to create.

The agency invited members of Vancouver’s creative, technology, design, advertising and automotive industries to attend the event.

Creative technical director Anthony Diehl and animator Stuart Langfield projection-mapped a series of real-time visuals on the Reventon’s semi-matte finish.

“The video content was created using MadMapper and Modul8 VJ software run off two Macbook Pro laptops networked together for playback sync and then plugged into three 7000 Lumen Panasonic projectors and one 6000 Lumen Christie Projector,” said Brad Foster, Chief Marketing Officer, The Media Merchants “A mix of electronic and dubstep was played throughout the set animation and VJ set during the opening.”

The biggest challenge of the self-funded project, according to Foster, was “how to wrap content around 270 degrees of the Reventon.”

Personally, I’d be panicked over the fact that my canvas costs $1.5 million. Am I alone here?

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