Nimble To Build 'Relationship' CRM Business Platform

Jon-FerraraSocial CRM platform Nimble plans to build a social business platform that creates relationships between brands and consumers. The product road map tightens integration between the CRM tool and social sites, such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook business pages, as well as marketing applications and demand generation platforms Hubspot, MailChimp, Wufoo and Marketo.  

Nimble pulls new leads and map data into the database, providing alerts to the salesperson when leads hit a specific level. The sales person gets notified through marketing in near real time.

Founder Jon Ferrara calls it "closed-loop marketing," but it's just the first step in "pulling the fish into the boat." The next step will integrate processes with lead capture tools like Wufoo.

The goal of the CRM platform: give one view of each customer record to each person in the company, from customer service to accounting to sales to marketing.

Alerts will engage customers based on pre-programmed logic, as well as notify sales staff of connections. The improvements and integration got financial help from a $1 million seed round from Google Venture and Mark Cuban, as well as Jason Calacanis, Don Dodge, Dharmesh Shah, and others that closed earlier this week.

Nimble, focused on small and midsize businesses, follows Ferrara's successful sale of Goldmine in the early 2000s for more than $100 million in cash. Ferrara said Google became interested in Nimble's technology because it delivers on the promise of why people search on engines.  

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