Automotive Broadcasting Network Expands DOOH For Dealerships

AutoNew digital out-of-home video displays targeting prospective car buyers will reach 1,000 auto dealerships in the U.S. and Canada by the end of the year, according to Harris Digital, which has been chosen as the full-service DOOH provider for the Automotive Broadcasting Network.

Harris will expand ABN’s existing network by adding multiple displays in dealerships, upgrading ABN’s existing digital signage system. The content on these new displays will augment ABN’s Dealer TV, a digital program launched in 2008.

When complete, the new Harris DOOH system will deliver different content to different areas of the sales environment, including tailored content for showrooms, service departments, welcome areas and other departments.

In addition to nationally distributed content, local dealerships will also be able to upload content to ABN for placement on applicable screens, including information about service specials and discount programs that are specific to local dealerships.



Dealers can also control content delivery by location.

Among other features, ABN touts its ability to remove competitors’ advertisements as well “negative programming” from its broadcast content --including, for example, gloomy economic news that might make a prospective car buyer think twice about their big purchase.

Finally, the DOOH network created by Harris for ABN will also enable integration of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, in addition to providing a wider array of local content tied to news, weather and the like.

According to ABN, customers who are seriously considering buying a new car spend an average 1 hour, 32 minutes on the showroom floor during a typical visit to an auto dealership -- substantial dwell time in which to reach them with messages about vehicles and additional services offered by the dealer.

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