Brand Graph Meets Interest Graph: 33Across Acquires Tynt, Becomes 'Bigger' Than Facebook

33Across, a social data analytics company that has cultivated a humongous database to help marketers target online advertising at their so-called “brand graph,” has acquired TYNT, an analytics firm claiming to be the biggest supplier of “interest graph” data helping publishers understand when, where and how users copy, paste and share their online content. The combined company claims to be the biggest supplier of social graph data for marketers, agencies and publishers in the world, surpassing even Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

“With 1.25 billion users, we have more unique users than Facebook at 800 million, Microsoft at 900 million, and Google at a billion,” boasts Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across, who says the deal has two major benefits: 1)It gives 33Across’ brand marketing and agency clients access to troves of “interest graph” data -- information on what online content consumers consider relevant enough to copy-and-paste, keep and share -- with its “brand graph” data telling them the most relevant users to target and serve their ads to; 2) It gives 33Across a new market with publishers.

Wheeler told Online Media Daily that the two companies have already begun integrating their databases, and that most of TYNT’s organization, including its top management team and developers, will be merged into 33Across.

“The size and breadth of data and the ability we will have to process that is amazing,” he said.

Toward that end, Wheeler said the opportunity is to integrate data that helps marketers, but also helps mid-size and smaller publishers that have not been able to compete effectively with the “Big 5” digital giants, which he said account for “83%” of online advertising revenues.

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  1. Michelle Cubas from Positive Potentials LLC, January 25, 2012 at 3:59 p.m.



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