Buzz Goes Au Naturel: Nielsen Strips Out Jargon, Adds Hyper-Local Metrics

NM Incite, a collaboration of Nielsen and McKinsey, this morning will unveil a new version of social media conversation tracker BuzzMetrics Exchange that will enable marketers, agencies and others to monitor “natural language” conversations and to listen to them globally, or at “hyper-local” levels. The new features, which are powered by uberVU, will enable social media analysts to utilize the natural language feature in more than 50 languages, and to filter them down to “city-level” locations.

Details of the alliance with uberVU, and plans for other enhancements planned for later this year, will be unveiled later today, but the new features will include upgrades to BuzzMetrics dashboard that the companies say will enhance the “workflow” of analysts utilizing the databases. Among other things, the new interface design includes a nifty mapping feature that will enable users to look at results by countries, regions and cities with a “heat-map” style tool showing the density of conversations around a natural-language topic, and to even break it down by various demographics, such as gender.

“Social media spans demographics and geography for a simple reason,” states said Amit Seth, executive vice president-global media products for NM Incite. “It connects people, ideas and brands easily and universally.”

The enhancements come as a torrent of new data products and services rush into the social media analytics marketplace, and as some emerging players begin to scale. On Wednesday, big “brand graph” analysis firm 33Across, for example, announced the acquisition of TYNT, the largest collector of so-called “interest graph” data on the Web, creating a merged company that it claims has data on more users than anyone, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google, and presumably, Nielsen/McKinsey too.

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