Volvo's 5 Mobile Marketing Rules

Volvo’s Gangeri lays out 5 rules for mobile marketing:

-Make your content discoverable.  No treasure hunts?

-Make your content readable. You don’t have to tell whole story at once. Flipboard, is an example, of tool a brand could use to embed content with a smaller but sophisticated audience

-Create relevant content. Offer stories that resonate with audience, across all devices.

-Make content sociable. 24% of mobile phone user recommend a brand to a friend via mobile. Volvo uses Instagram to let people tell the brand’s story—taking photos of their cars, etc.

-Make content actionable. QR code? App? No. The app is not the answer. What we know about in- market buyers is that embedding response mechanisms is critical. 90% of smartphone searches result in a consumer inquiry; 88% of these take action within a day. 70% of these actions take place at retail. (Those are Google stats, so take w/a large grain of salt.)

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