The State Of Our Unions

As Millennials are set to be the next leaders of our nation (some already are, based on whom you speak to), it seems only fitting that we take a closer look at how Millennials are leading.

We act as individuals banding together to take action as a group comprised of other groups; we live in a state of unions. Being a groupie is no longer about following others around to give something up; it is about coming together with others to get something to happen.

Millennials realize that groups of individuals, with passion and the aid of technology, can often accomplish more together. Thus, we unite to do some of the most simple and some of the most difficult things in life.

These unions include:

  • Saving money on a trip to Subway for a sandwich or tripping over deals for a Subway discount

Together, we seek out deals and are frequent users of online coupons. At 40.2%, Millennials are the highest users of Groupon.

  • Finding a new book or booking a new doctor



Together, we inform and make decisions on next or no steps. According to 8095 Research by Edelman and StrategyOne, friends and family are the top sources of information Millennials seek in making major decisions. And when making decisions, we consult multiple sources among multiple groups.

  • Shopping for new outfits or outfitting the inside of a new car

Together, we separate out the good and the bad. Thanks to augmented reality, we can share purchases amongst our groups. Facebook (54%) and Twitter (34%) are the most popular spaces for sharing, and Millennials have the highest percentage of Facebook (40.3%) and Twitter (46.6%) users.

  • Taking a stand for something we believe in or believing we can make a change

Together, we make great big footprints in the sand. In Eric Greenberg and Karl Weber’s Generation We, when asked about the best way to address the challenges facing the country, the leading choice by far was “through a collective social movement” (60% made that their first or second choice) over individual action and entrepreneurship (35%).

So, for brands, this means your current state of business is to increase your awareness of and passion for unions. We are leading you into the future with a new take on connections. It is not about reaching out to just the influencer or any other marketing term we have for those of us with a voice, it is about finding your way into our groups.

Help us foster connections amongst our groups and we just may connect with you. And note, we feel our leadership style could be helpful in fostering connections beyond Millennials as well. Help others foster connections amongst their groups and they just may connect with you, too.

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  1. John O'Brien from UCampus Media, February 3, 2012 at 10:50 a.m.

    Cori, you're spot on. Great post. In particular your numbers on Millenials utilizing daily deal and discount sites. Our company launched a year ago and we've seen tremendous redemption rates and traffic. Our app just launched and was already awarded a "Best of College." Our hope is to lean in on this concept of union, with campuses, communities and groups. Great post as always.

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