Definition 6 Makes Facebook Users The Stars Of Their Own Movies, Turns Timeline Into Screenplays

Definition 6, which Monday evening was recognized as the “Viral Video Agency of the Year” during OMMA magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards in New York, unveiled a new app that is likely to create a viral video-sharing frenzy among Facebook users, by instantly transforming the history of their Facebook profiles and posts into the scripts of personalized mini movies.

The application, called the Timeline Movie Maker, was developed on behalf of Facebook, and it enables users utilizing its Timeline interface to instantly turn it into a customized cinematic experience.

Utilizing a “one-click curation” option, Definition 6 said the application can “create a highlight reel of their lives in a one-minute video.”

In much the way that Facebook’s algorithm sorts and ranks users’ personal and posted data, friends and likes based on personal relevance and importance, the Timeline Movie Maker automatically sorts and evaluates the content a user shares with their friends and then “identifies the most engaging, relevant content and life moments to build a chronological story for their customized mini-movie.”



Definition 6 COO Jeff Katz said there is no brand sponsorship play behind the app, and that it was developed purely for Facebook so that its users could get a better experience out of Timeline, which is expected to become the default interface for all its users soon.

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  1. Benjamin Biesdorf from zeeBigBang, January 31, 2012 at 10:24 a.m.

    It looks like Facebbok has to do some more promotion to make users more comfortable with their newest interface change. Would be interesting to see an example of such a timeline movie.

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