OMMA Tablet Revolution: Apps Need Support

Mark Silber, ECD at Joule said working on mobile and tablets isn't about working in a vacuum. That's a mistake. "It's not like i'm not aware of what a [client] is doing in other media. Brands are like people. You have many faces you put forth to the world. A brand like Coca-Cola has a different face it presents at the Oscars, at a heavy metal concert, at Yankees Stadium. So any given brand behaves in a different way on different media. But in the end, if it doesn't come back to [supporting] the brand, ultimately it fails." 

Richard Ting SVP executive CD at RGA, said that while earned media takes primacy on media programs involving sponsorship or ownership of apps, paid media is a consideration because "We can't expect people will know about it, so we go through the paces about promoting it. If budgets are thin we think of other ways to talk about it [than paid media.] Paid media focus is about generating earned media around social experiences." 

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