R/GA's Ting+

R/GA Exec Creative Director Richard Ting doesn’t think the TV or PC is going away anytime soon as an advertising medium, but he definitely thinks mobile is becoming the primary one, or what people on this opening OMMA Tablet panel are describing as “mobile first.”

“I do believe that mobile will become the primary access point in the next two to three years. You can write that down,” Ting asserted. And I did.

“It’s just a shift that is happening with consumers and it’s continuing to increase day-by-day,” Ting noted.

As an example of how consumer media consumption is changing because of mobility, he cited recent research from Pandora indicating that people now access the online music service through their mobile device” vs. a tablet or a PC.

That makes sense to me, considering Pandora is essentially and audio experience, and the kind of media we’re apt to use when on the go, vs. PCs, or even tablets, which we generally don’t use while we’re walking, running, diving and bungee jumping.

Ting said those differences are fundamental in understanding what kind of brand experiences people want when in mobile mode. In fact, he implied the brand could be more than just a message promoter, but can become the fulfillment of a user’s experience.

One great example is Nike+, which enables users to track their physical performance while they work out. Ting worked on that brand at R/GA, and shared data indicating Nike+ “is a product or service that consumers use multiple times a week.”


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