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Consumers Getting Fed Up With Digital Ads

A survey of 4,150 people in the UK and U.S. finds that two out of three feel bombarded with too many digital ads online and on their mobile devices, reports Ingrid Lunden. An equal number, 66%, reported a change in brand perception when promotions became too invasive.

The situation seems to be a vicious circle. Users are engaging with ads less and less: response rates that were at an average of 7% in 1997 have today plummetedto 0.1% for an average online ad.

The solution? Serve more ads to get the respond numbers up. The result? More annoyance with online ads, and even less engagement: total digital ad impressions for all media in 2011 were at 5 trillion, compared to 200 billion in 1997, according to comScore.

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