In Natural Tie-In, PUMA Promotes Running Shoe On Workout-Themed Radio


I have an eclectic taste in music -- but when it comes to exercising, I enjoy a combination of loud, intense music and mindless pop songs to get me through a tough workout.

Internet radio station Pandora launched a series of workout stations back in September as a mix of music for anyone who doesn’t have time to sift through their personal digital music collection and create the ideal workout playlist.

Since the stations launched, more than 1.95 million listeners have tuned in to work off pounds while listening to a variety of genres, including 80’s cardio, hard-rock strength training, country fitness and alternative endurance training.

To launch its lightweight running shoe, PUMAGILITY, PUMA sponsored every workout station on Pandora throughout the month of February, a first for the workout station genre since its inception.

Pandora listeners using mobile devices or the Web will see PUMA ads on Pandora’s workout genre tab, inside each workout station, along with PUMAGILITY banners and skins.

Audio ads will also be heard. Pandora plays roughly one minute of audio ads for every hour of music listened.

Zenith Media created the campaign.

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  1. Sean Grace from Strategic Franchising, February 28, 2012 at 8:51 a.m.

    Good thinking by Puma.

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