Getting Out Of Line To Draw The Right Conclusions

Historical plans used to include messaging for above-the-line (mass) and below-the-line (not mass) communications. Sometimes, depending on how the person you are speaking with perceives it, even through-the-line (gasp, what, both!?). Now, it’s just about the line … period. Do you have a line of communication with your audience? How are you using it, and what story does it tell?

As time has told, there is not necessarily a linear way Millennials communicate. All communications can happen simultaneously. And now there are even more ways to communicate, with new and shiny ways springing to life all the time. And Millennials are the guinea pigs leading the charge in what’s hot or not. 

So, this means it is time for brands to optimize their methods of communicating with Millennials; where should they draw the line? Now that there are so many touchpoints available and utilized by Millennials, it does not mean everyone has to use all of them; it is just important to ensure they are used correctly. Just because there is something new or everyone else is doing it does not mean it is right for every brand. Or that it is right for connecting with every Millennial.



Once the specific Millennial audience for a brand is understood, because all Millennials are not created equal, brands can sketch out a plan that connects their lines to the right people in the right way. Then, it will be possible to draw stronger, more appropriate conclusions because they will have established connections vs. just communications.

Thus, brands, I would like to draw a picture for you on some of the new touchpoints available and how many Millennials are using them. As inspired by this interesting chart on the uses of social media shared online, and Montell Jordan, “this is how we do it…”:

Facebook: I like key lime pie

Twitter: Check out this article about the health benefits of key lime pie /I like to know about Gail Simmons’ thoughts on key lime pie

OpenTable: I feel like key lime pie tonight

Evite: Key lime pie party

Foursquare: Meet me for key lime pie /this is where I am enjoying it right now

LinkedIn: I bake awesome key lime pie

Pinterest: These are the key lime pie recipes I’ve been experimenting with all week

Instagram: This is what they look like after some love in my kitchen

YouTube: Here are some reactions to my mad pie baking skills

Pandora: My go-to channel of key lime pie making music

Ruelala: Deals on cooking equipment for pie

Yelp: Where can I find decent key lime pie when I’m too lazy to make it

Google+: We are talking about key lime pie and some of you will never know

Tumblr: Visit my digital shrine to pie, you might just learn something

Flickr: I just love it so much I made an album for you in case you missed my blogtastic thoughts about key lime pie

Now, go pencil in some time to plot out new maps for connecting with your Millennial audiences.

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