Mindshare Launches New Gen Y Trend Report Series

Mindshare has launched the first edition of its new quarterly trend series, Culture Vulture, which examines the entrepreneurial efforts of Gen Yers (broadly defined as falling between the ages of 17 and 32 by the agency) across 30 countries globally.


The report examines over 300 Gen Y entrepreneurial businesses across 38 cities including New York, Buenos Aires, London and Shanghai to understand how the youth’s innovative ideas can inspire and fuel game-changing communication behaviour.         


“At the core of this first edition is the belief that businesses need a little bit of reverse mentoring from time to time— big blue chip companies can learn from the nimble and creative entrepreneurs of Gen Y,” said Catherine Williams who heads the series for Mindshare.


The report identified 14 unique global trends that Gen Y—the consumer group, in the 17 to 32 age group (The generation born between 1978 – 1995) has been pioneering to great success in small to medium sized businesses. These include tips from trendsetting tech start-ups, channelling the power of advocacy, and creating a genuine value proposition. 

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