TV Execs: Advertisers Will Pay More For Video

While TV advertising and programming executives are somewhat optimistic about revenue growth of the business, they are highly optimistic that advertisers and consumers will pay for new digital video products.

A survey from U.K.-based Informa Telecoms & Media says about 75% of those executives agree that "advertisers will pay more to advertise around online video with guaranteed quality of service." Some 78% of "consumers will pay more for online video with guaranteed quality of service." In addition, around 75% of those executives agree that "the open Internet will be adequate to support commercial online video services."

Who will convince consumers to pay for TV?

The survey says that device manufacturers like Apple, Sony and Samsung will carry the most weight: 33.7% of executives believe this. Next will be subscription video on demand/over-the-top services like Netflix, with a 27.7% score, followed by social networking companies like Facebook, 21.8%.



Current distribution/network operators will carry less weight, at 16.8%. In addition, about 55% of those executives believe "content providers will pay network operators to guarantee high-quality video delivery."

Who will be the big disruptors when it comes to future of TV and advertising and video?

Apple and Google get top marks; executives cite Apple 32.7% of the time and Google 30.2%. Other new digital companies are way down the list: Netflix, 13.4%, Samsung 8.4%, Facebook, 8.2% and Microsoft, 1.2%.

Overall, Informa says 42% of those executives agree that revenues would "increase slightly," and that 19% said it would "decrease slightly." Only 17% say it could "increase significantly."

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  1. Walter Sabo from SABO media, March 30, 2012 at 3:55 p.m.

    Please define "high quality video delivery"

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