New iPad Named Top Tablet

The new iPad sits atop the latest tablet rankings published today by Consumer Reports, which called the Apple device’s high-resolution screen “the best rendering of detail and color accuracy we’ve ever seen on a tablet display.” The iPad was also lauded for its 4G connectivity, long battery life and 5-megapixel camera.

What about that overheating issue? Consumer Reports had stated in a recent release that the new iPad can heat up to as much as 116 degrees Fahrenheit when plugged in and continually running a game. While warmer in its hottest spots than the iPad 2, the magazine said it didn’t find those temperatures “to be cause for concern.”

A separate survey released Monday by ChangeWave research showed 11% have had “somewhat” or “not much” of a problem with excessive heat and 89% haven’t had any problem. It also showed 82% of new iPad owners are “very satisfied” with the device compared to 74% of iPad 2 owners surveyed last year when the prior model was released.

Among other tablets cited in the CR rankings were the latest version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the Toshiba Excite 10LE (lightest tablet ever tested), and the Sony Tablet P, cited for e-book reading and photo-viewing capabilities.

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