Buddy Media Expands Social Tools For YouTube

Enhancing its YouTube integration, Buddy Media is bringing its full suite of social applications and analytics tools to the Web’s largest video platform. That means clients can use its social marketing tools to build out their presence on YouTube as they can on Facebook, blogs and other sites.

Among the specific social apps or “sapplets” Buddy Media is offering to customize YouTube pages are those for creating branded video player, photo galleries and photo-sharing capability, quizzes, polls, the ability to vote content up or down, and incorporate RSS feeds.

The new offering also allows brands and agencies to receive enterprise-level reporting so they can track analytics across multiple YouTube channels. The overall aim, of course, is to increase engagement and ROI from social marketing efforts through the online video hub. A Harris Interactive poll of people aged 13 to 24 released last fall ranked YouTube as the top social media, slightly ahead of Facebook.

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