Cord-Shaving Grows Among Middle-Age Adults; Now a Mainstream Phenom?

Most of us agree that cord-cutting, for the time being, is an urban myth. Maybe not kidney-in-the-bathtub level of myth, but cord-cutting is just not happening to any great degree. If you disagree, check out the latest stats on multichannel video sub growth.

But we might be shaving that ole’ cable cord. And it’s not only the young folks doing the slicing. Cord shaving is growing quickly among adults 35 to 44, according to a survey of about 1,000 consumers conducted by the management consulting firm Altman Vilandrie & Co. The study found that about 28% of middle age adults say they’re cord shavers, a 9% rise from 2010.

This is an important statistic to track because, if it proves out, it could serve to underscore that cord shaving has reached beyond early adopters and into the mainstream. The report said about 31% of those 18 to 24 say they are cutting back on their TV services, but that figure has stayed the same since 2010.

Overall, Altman Vilandrie & Co. found that 20% of consumers say they are “shaving” their TV services thanks to online video. That means they’re spending less money on TV thanks to the availability of shows and other programs online. Only about 3.7% of consumers overall say they’ve cut the cord entirely.

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