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AcuraGulliver might want to remain in Lilliput and enjoy the chariot he’s received from the town’s tiny residents. The chariot is an Acura RDX, described as “big and powerful, yet nimble and compact.” While Gulliver is tied down, yearning to go home, the mayor of Lilliput unveils the RDX, which makes Gulliver rethink his long-term goals. See it here. In “Car Wash,” launching April 16, Gulliver chats with the mayor as residents wash the RDX. The hand wash is going to take some time, given the size of Lilliput residents. Watch it here. rp& created the campaign.

GoRVingRV trip! The Go RVing Coalition launched “Away,” consisting of three TV spots that encourage families to take charge of their vacations by setting the budget, itinerary and timetable of their trip by riding in an RV. In “Closer,” families are shown canoeing, roasting marshmallows, hiking and observing a family of deer. “Away is a place that’s closer than you think,” says the closing voiceover. Watch it here. “Comforts” shows a family bonding before, during and after a fishing trip. See it here. “Within Your Means” features a family parked on a beach, spending the day by the water. Watch it here. The Richards Group created the campaign.




InfinitiI wondered if the sparks of energy in this ad were neurons firing, colored dye moving through the bloodstream, or lightning. Apparently, it’s three different characteristics of lightning that form to create an ideal electric car: the Infiniti EMERG-E. “Blue Essence” brings blue, green and purple hues of lightning together to form the sleek EMERG-E. “Inspiration strikes,” closes the ad, seen here and created by TBWA ELSE. Polynoid produced the animation.


76When the weekend hits, seemingly normal accountants let their “Warrior Within” out in an ad for 76. Once 5 pm hits, an employee alerts his co-workers with the sound from a conch shell. Workers shed business attire for motorcycle gear, hockey and soccer uniforms and even a medieval knight outfit. Weekend warriors that use their 76 credit cards receive 5 cents off every gallon of gas used on weekend adventures. Watch the ad here, created by Venables Bell & Partners.


FirstBankThis guy is calm and cool as a cucumber. FirstBank launched a 30-second spot promoting its stress-free mortgages. In it, we meet a happy-go-lucky man who finds a note written in lipstick on a mirror: “I’ve left you for Ed.” Turns out, Ed is the man’s next-door neighbor, and a wedding is about to take place. He sees his wife in a wedding gown and tells her she looks fantastic; sees his daughter sitting in the front row, and the family dog leaving to join the new family. “When your mortgage is stress-free, everything is,“ says the voiceover at the end of the ad, seen here. TDA_Boulder created the campaign and handled the media buy.

GEDPepTalkDDB Chicago and the Ad Council created the “GED Pep Talk Center” to support The Dollar General Literacy Foundation, aimed at motivating those without a high school diploma to get started on the process. The ad stars 13 celebrities, each labeled with a different motivation level. Some give a gentle nudge while others give a kick in the pants. Gentle celebrities include Debra Jo Ruff, Jamie Lynn Sigler, DMC and Terry Crews, while intense motivators include Ron Perlman, Danny Trejo, The Miz and Jerry Stiller. Watch it here. The ad directs viewers to, where users can find and register for free GED classes.


IIntelntel launched a global campaign, dubbed “A New Era of Computing,” promoting its Ultrabook laptops by taking a walk through the past. “Desperado” pairs cowboys in a local saloon with archaic laptops that are so slow they should be put out of their misery. A newcomer moseys into the saloon, dressed in present-day attire and carrying a lightweight, fast Ultrabook. “I bet you think you’re pretty quick,” remarks one trigger-happy cowboy. A shootout is prevented when the modern-day man looks up from his computer. In reality, he’s not in a saloon but a coffee shop -- and his nemesis, named Jesse, is waiting for his coffee. “Suddenly, everything else seems old-fashioned,” closes the ad, seen here and created by Venables Bell & Partners.


ScottsThe Scotts lawn care company has a spokesman whose name is Scott and who’s Scottish. Scott is serious about lawn health and he uses the word “lollygagging,” so he can’t be all that bad. In “Battlefield,” Scott chides his neighbors for lollygagging in their backyard when dandelions are taking over. The easy solution is Scotts turfbuilder weed control. See it here. A neighbor begins his morning with the knowledge that his grass is starving. Scott the Scot teaches him how to feed his grass to strengthen it and prevent future problems. Watch it here. The Richards Group created the campaign.


BakeSpaceRandom iPad App of the week: launched Cookbook Café, a platform where users can create, market and sell their very own cookbook as an iPad App, as well as an ebook. Each author determines the price of his or her cookbook, ranging from free to $9.99. collects a commission when an author sells a book for profit or fundraising purposes. The commission covers all costs, including Apple's app store transaction fee and credit card processing fees. The app is available for free in the App Store.

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