Intel Goes Inside The Music

  • April 11, 2012

Intel has teamed up with music-streaming site Pandora to bring people behind the scenes of the music-streaming site’s Genome Project engine, giving listeners in-depth views of the music they’re listening to.

The Inside the Music program , presented by Intel, will explore six musical genres (rock, R&B, electronica, rap, country and classical), showcasing each of their unique characteristics and how they’re categorized by the Music Genome Project. The program will include educational audio shows, custom stations and interactive description of featured tracks. Listeners will also be able to create new Pandora stations based on specific track features.

"Entertainment, and specifically music, will be a big push for us in our advertising focus in 2012,” said David Veneski, U.S. Media Director for Intel, in a release. “We're targeting a younger audience than we have in the past as we feel they tend to influence not only like-minded individuals, but also those outside their direct peer group. To be effective with that audience we need to help create experiences for them that are compelling and worthy of sharing across their social graph.”



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