More than 25% of Video Viewing is Off the TV; Ad Predictions for 2012

More than 25% of all video viewing in broadband homes in the U.S. is taking place on venues besides the TV, according to fresh data from research firm, Parks Associates. That includes PCs, smartphones and tablets, and that’s also a weekly figure, underscoring that off-TV viewing is becoming a regular behavior for consumers. What’s more, about one-third of homes said they’d streamed a TV show in the past 30 days. 

Given this not unexpected, but still encouraging data, it’s even more vital for marketers and agencies to track the success of their ads in such shows. Ad management platform Vindico  said that completion rates for video ads in long-form content averaged about 88% last year, compared to 76% for short-form content, based on an analysis of impressions served for its clients including GroupM, Havas, IPG, Publicis, Omnicom and others. Based on these findings, Vindico expects different creative will be developed for different lengths of content in 2012.

Mid-rolls, not surprisingly, have the highest completion rates at about 94%. Vindico’s next prediction? Expect the amount of long-form content online to grow this year, and the number of mid-roll ads to also grow.

On the creative front, the ad platform’s analysis showed that while 90% of all video ads in 2011 were standard ad types and usually repurposed TV spots, some progress is being made toward new creative. “In 2010, 1% of video ads were custom video environments; such as overlays, billboards and tiles, and 1% were interactive, with little money going to mobile video ads. In 2011, 6% of ads were custom video environments, 2% were interactive, and 2% were mobile,” Vindico said.

Look for interactive and custom spots to rise in use this year.

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